Vintage Days at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

Vintage Motorcycle Days

I really don't know how Keith and I got started going to vintage days, but its one of those weird things that stuck. Our usual planning goes like this:

Keith: "Sweeney we going to Vintage Days?"
Matt: "yeah, when is it?"
Keith: "sometime in July"
Matt: "cool, we don't need to plan anything then"

This is generally followed by some last minute zip-tieing, oil changes, a quick wipe down of the L3 (it looks better if most of the oil is off it), some fumbling with the ezpasses and luggage and away we go. We've been attending vintage days since 1998. The first couple years we did all the motorcycle stuff, demo rides, track laps, the auction, dirt track races etc. The last couple years have been much more social, but no matter how you slice it, its impossible not to be immersed in motorcycling. The venue changes a little form year to year, mostly with respect to the demo rides. Originally Kawasaki had a big presence and Trimuph had a small one and Honda wasn't there, now Honda is big and Triumph and Kawasaki are gone. Moot point though, Buell has the best test rides hand down.

VMD 1998, we didn't bring a camera!

VMD 1999

VMD 2000

VMD 2001